Ornamental Masses

I’ve had no problem finding authoritative articles on omental masses. I had hoped it was something Catholics attended during Lent, but no such luck.

The article on eMedicine includes these details:


  • Metastatic tumors of the omentum are common. In contrast, primary tumors of the omentum are very rare. – I’m not sure which kind I have yet.
  • Complete surgical excision (total omentectomy) is the recommended treatment of primary omental tumors. Even when peritoneal implants are present, omentectomy appears to significantly improve survival – First occurrence of the word “survival.”
  • Patients with primary malignant tumors of the omentum have a median survival time of only 6 months. Only 10-20% of patients are alive 2 years after surgical excision.
  • Benign omental tumors—(that’s the kind I want)—are associated with long-term survival after surgical resection. In one series, patients with benign tumors demonstrated a 5-year survival rate of 75%. http://www.emedicine.com/med/TOPIC2749.HTM


Of course, most of this might not apply if my tumor is metastatic. If it started elsewhere I’m still not off the hook. The next step is the biopsy. I’m waiting for a call from the hospital to schedule it.


*          *          *

I got an email this afternoon from my brother-in-law and employer, Aaron Mandel. It said in part,


“We are within a few weeks of a multi million dollar deal. You need to know that none of this means anything to me if you’re not ok. I want you to think positive and know that God is in control of it all. I have talked to the girls about your situation and we are all of the opinion that you will be fine. Whatever you need I will always be there for you. That you can count on.”


Reading this brought the first tears to my eyes since the whole episode began.


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