No Coffee Enemas!

Biopsy tomorrow. It’s going to be more of a procedure than I expected. I’ll be conscious but drugged. Susan is coming along to take care of me. I hope I don’t say anything embarrassing while on the happy juice.


Speaking of happy juice, I’ve learned just how expensive cancer drugs can be! Some individual drugs cost as much $50,000-$100,000 a year; never mind a chemo cocktail! On the other side of the spectrum from designer drugs are natural cures featuring everything from alkaline water to coffee colonics.


Obviously traditional medicine isn’t going to embrace alternative medicine or it wouldn’t be alternative. But facts are facts and there should be more than anecdotal data to back up the claims of those outside the medical community. The debate will rage on. I’ll read information from both perspectives and try to steer a sane course toward health and recovery. The first step being to learn what I have to recover from.


Whatever it is, coffee enemas WILL NOT be part of the cure.



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