“X” Doesn’t Mark the Spot

It’s evening and I’m home. The biopsy was rather painless. The anesthesia worked well. I remember talking to Tammy while on the CT table and the next thing I know I’m in the recovery room an hour later. I had an omelet and they sent me home.


Dr. Goldich did the procedure, removing a piece of tumor the size of a quarter of a toothpick. He reminded me of a young George Carlin. He’s just a few letters away from having the perfect name for his job. If only he were Dr. Gold‘st’ich.


As I looked at my stomach after the biopsy, I noticed the “x” where they marked for insertion was an inch below the band aid. I pointed this out to Tammy, who explained that they marked me while I was holding my breath during the scan. Once I was under, I relaxed, hence the change in location. There went my hopes of a malpractice suit. Actually, I’ve been impressed at how personable and professional the medical people who have treated me have been.



One thought on ““X” Doesn’t Mark the Spot

  1. hay bro……..love the blog – i’ve never been on one before. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family (of which i am a proud member). my prayers nightly are focused on your recovery and total remission. but it would be kind of kicky to see you as a bald man!!!
    you’ve always been an inspiration to me (after i grew up of course:)
    i’m thankful always to God for using you as a vessel in reaching out to me and so many others who were so mis-led from His teachings……….thank you mike. i owe you my life. especially the eternal one
    love you like a sister


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