Two Keys to Good Health

This whole business is causing me to clean up my diet. It’s actually pretty good compared to most Americans, thanks to the changes Susan has made in the past. I’d give it a “B” and now I want to strive for an “A” without becoming obsessive about it. That means more organic fruits and vegetables, less processed food; organic meats and eggs, a decent supplement and less wine.


As for exercise, I’ll add a dumbbell routine to my jogging three miles a day (no longer fast enough to qualify as running).


Two things are most important to overall health, and I’ve known this all along: living for a noble purpose and being in positive relationships. The lack of these has added to my malaise the past few years, triggered by the loss of my sense of God’s presence and of an evangelical worldview. Spiritually I have been in the Sargasso Sea. Regardless the shape of my craft (body), I still need a heavenly wind to blow me in the right direction.



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