Good News, It’s Lymphoma!

The good news from Dr. Dillon is that I have lymphoma and not an omental tumor. The latter is much more lethal. Lymphoma is one of the more curable cancers. He’s sending me to a hematologist/oncologist since chemo is used and not surgery. I’m to call Dr. Kurbegov’s office on Monday and set up an appointment.


The harder part of today has been telling family and friends and hearing the concern and tears in their voices. It hit Julie particularly hard. The possibility of a shortened life hasn’t registered yet. I’m not trying to suppress my feelings; they just haven’t gotten too worked up. I’m sure they’ll bubble over soon. I hope my response will be to focus on the things within my control and not worry about the maybes.


The original reading of the CT scan raised the specter of an omental tumor, which turned out to be a ghost. That’s a metaphorical way of saying “misdiagnosis.” It caused a lot of unnecessary concern. “Lymphoma” could do the same thing. It’s nothing to treat lightly, but it should be seen for what it is and not for the elongated shadow it casts.


*          *          *

“I believe in pretense, I believe in elegance and glamour; and I believe that sometimes you just have to look reality in the eye and deny it.” – Garrison Keillor



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