The “Final Diagnosis”

I’ve had a chance this afternoon to go over the biopsy report Dr. Dillon gave me. The FINAL DIAGNOSIS reads:


– Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

– C2DO-Positive and BCL-2 Positive

– Staining Pattern suggestive of Kappa Light Chain Restriction


Here’s the rundown in layman’s terms: “Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a common type of Non Hodgson Lymphoma (NHL), accounting for about 2 in 5 of all cases. It is a cancer of the B-lymphocytes. Diffuse B-cell lymphoma can occur at any time between adolescence and old age. It is slightly more common in men than in women.


“For practical purposes, non-Hodgkin lymphomas are also divided into one of two groups: low- and high-grade. Low-grade lymphomas are usually slow-growing, and high-grade lymphomas tend to grow more quickly. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a high-grade lymphoma and needs prompt treatment.


“Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. It is the main treatment for diffuse large B cell lymphoma. The type of chemotherapy depends on the extent of the lymphoma and other factors, such as your age and general health. (


Survivability stats run from 23% – 78% depending on various factors. I’ll know where I sit on the continuum after the scans, blood-work and bone marrow biopsy. I am under 60 and in good physical shape with no symptoms, all of which is in my favor.


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