Better in Debt than Dead

I got a call from Dax Kurbegov himself this morning. The name sounds like a Russian soccer player but he was born in New York. He’s a hematologist-oncologist and the director of the Memorial Cancer Clinic. We had a good conversation that included a side discussion about the Euro Cup.


He doesn’t want to wait until August to do the scans so I agreed to go ahead as soon as they can be scheduled with a PET scan, a bone marrow biopsy and a heart scan. Then I’ll go see him on August 1st to discuss what comes next. If the tests require a more immediate response, I assume he’ll work me in. If we have time, I’ll go on vacation from the 2nd – 9th and come back to chemo.


This means I won’t have insurance to cover these medical procedures, but better in debt than dead I suppose.



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