Let the Games Begin!

I got a call to schedule my bone marrow biopsy for next Monday. Sounds like another out-of-body experience as I will be drugged for the procedure. Fine by me as I don’t want to be around for anything involving a needle the diameter of a pencil.


Tomorrow I go in at 6:30 am for a PET scan. The radiologist will inject me with uranium tailings and I’ll have to try and lay still for 45 minutes. Why can’t all medical tests be this easy?


After that I just need a MUGA scan (Multiple Uptake Gated Acquisition). It’s a nuclear medicine test to evaluate the function of the heart ventricles. By the end of July, I should be glowing in the dark!


These three tests, plus the biopsy, will give the doc all he needs to plan a regime of chemo and possibly radiation.



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