Catfish at $3.95

The feedback I’ve received the past few weeks has been very affirming. It’s as sustaining for the soul as food is for the body. To be healthy, we need attention (love) as much as we need nutrition. Still, we can’t live by them alone because their effects are temporary. A philosopher would say they are necessary but not sufficient causes for life. Jesus would say, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”


In his autographical book, Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen, Larry McMurtry tells this wonderful story on himself.


“I well remember a moment some years ago when I was given a salutary lesson in the rapid transit of worldly fame. I was lecturing that day in a small college in Ouvald, Texas … During a short break in the day-long effort while back at my motel for a nap, I was informed that Lonesome Dove had won the Pulitzer Prize. My informant was my agent, Irving Lazar … The night before when I drove into Ouvald, the marquee of the Holiday Inn where I was staying had written on it, Welcome, Larry McMurtry, author of Terms of Endearment. That had never happened to me before …


“But time waits for no author, not in Ouvald anyway. As I walked up to meet the press I glanced at the marquee and saw that it had already been changed. Now it read, Lunch special, catfish, $3.95. Even as Irving Lazar was telling me how great he had made me, my moment had passed. It was a lesson to be remembered. The Pulitzer Prize was well and good, but there was lunch to think of and catfish at $3.95 was a bargain not to be scorned.”


Life is serious business, but don’t take yourself too seriously.



2 thoughts on “Catfish at $3.95

  1. I just caught up, Mike. Thanks for the invitation to journey with your journal. I anticipate honesty, insight, depth, confusion, humor and revelation. No pressure; that’s already what you bring to the table.

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