An Answer to Prayer – Or Is It?

Barb Hunt, my independent insurance agent, has worked her magic. She has shepherded my application through the process and gotten Kaiser to accept it! I will have full insurance coverage starting August 1. The premiums are almost $1,100 a month but that will be much less than the chemo treatments.


I am very thankful for this blessing.


It is an answer to prayer – or is it?


Would I have gotten insurance if no one prayed simply because Kaiser is in the insurance business? Thousands of people are insured every month sans prayer, even people with cancer.


If Kaiser had said “no,” would this have been God’s answer because he wants to provide for me in another way? Most Christians would say so. But when everything is an answer, nothing is.


If God is answering prayer for my financial needs, why didn’t he see to my physical needs earlier and save us both a lot of money?


There’s no way to be certain when God is tinkering with our circumstances or how. Perhaps he doesn’t meddle very often as John Boykin posits in his excellent book The Gospel of Coincidence (  


“God answered our prayer,” usually means events turned out as we hoped. But when bad things happen, or nothing at all, we don’t often accuse God of ignoring us. We let him off the hook by saying his answer was “no,” or that he has a deeper purpose in mind. Probably true, but my point is, we don’t know. That doesn’t trouble most people; others of us it does.


We understand a lot less about the providence of God than we claim to.


Life happens and we fill in the captions as best we can.




5 thoughts on “An Answer to Prayer – Or Is It?

  1. I’m thankful that, even though we don’t have insurance, we have been on the Colorado Indigent Care Program for years. (I hate that name, because it implies that I’m indigent!) CICP is paying for everything, and the co-pays have even stopped because we hit our cap not too long after the diagnosis. I feel for people like you who have medical bills mounting. I do feel like God answered our prayers.

  2. Mike,
    I started bleeding at 40,000 ft in first class and didn’t know what was happening as I had no pain, just blood.
    You know what happened when I found out I had Kidney cancer. I was in some hospital in Florida in some operatory as Karen was watching our luggage which was at the entrance. The doctor said I don’t think it would be wise for you to continue on your vacation. I was cold in that cold room and alone. The first thing I did was call out to God but he wasn’t there. The second thing I did was think of my family and then they were gone. Then I thought about my sucessfull company and the great amount of money I was earning and that was gone. Where was God when I needed him? He was holding me in his hand. God is here and there and we can rationalize anything and everything but he is here and there. Every morning when I wake up I here God saying. “This is God. I will be handling your problems today. I don’t need your help” So have a good day” You can rationalize all you want as I did but then came to realize that there really is a God. (keep on Rationalizing) Love, Aaron

  3. My husband’s first cousin in his 40s had what you have and he had the chemo and is fine now. I wouldn’t chose chemo but maybe I would if I was actually in that position. I read a book about how the success rate with cancer is much better for athletes who keep up their activity through treatment even though they may not feel like it but I can’t find the title now (it was a librarry book). God always wants us just to trust Him and give Him thanks I think. We had our first baby without insurance and I’d much rather be with insurance in these days.

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