So Long San Diego!

Dr. Dax’s nurse called to say he wants to start chemo as soon after my August 1st visit as possible. Based on my scans, he’s changed his mind about waiting until after my planned vacation in San Diego. Crap!


I’m anxious to get going with the treatments but disappointed about not getting the time away with Susan and Bruce and Janet. I’m especially concerned for Susan who needs the break to recharge her batteries. She has a high stress job and she’ll soon have a sick husband. Not fair.


Instead of enjoying a beach towel and bestseller, I get to sit in a windowless oncology waiting room perusing old magazines.


Instead of hanging out with some of the neatest people in the world, I get to have a port surgically inserted into my chest.


Instead of sipping wine as the sun sets into the Pacific, I get to have toxic chemicals sloshed directly into my body.


On the other hand . . .


Instead of letting the cancer go unchallenged, I get to start fighting back.


I can live with that.


One thought on “So Long San Diego!

  1. I can identify with this. I had planned to go with my husband, daughter, and son to a conference in Wisconsin. I got angry at first, but then decided I probably wasn’t up to the trip. I had my first chemo treatment while they were gone (a friend took me). I decided I wanted to get started and just quit waiting for something to happen.

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