56 and Counting

I turn 56 years old today (295 in dog years), an accomplishment to which I have devoted my entire life. I have the knees of a 40-year-old, the hair of a 60-year-old and the eyesight of an 80-year-old.


Here’s me modeling two of my favorite birthday gifts.


Chemo glasses and replaceent chest hair
Chemo glasses and replaceent chest hair

 By way of back story, I’m summarizing my life so far in three acts: Growing Up Catholic (age 0-18), Protestant Reformation (age 19-50) and Post Enlightenment (50-present). I’m writing these as “Pages” (available in the sidebar) since they are somewhat longer and more permanent than a typical post. Check out the first act if you’re interested.



2 thoughts on “56 and Counting

  1. Will people who don’t know you as well as I do realize that the chest hair you are sporting in this picture is actually a “piece” or are you putting on “hairs”???

    As for the glasses, I think with those on you can face anything. The masses around you will probably only see a goof ball who may or may not have escaped prematurely from the home and not the sensitive, serious fellow you really are.

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