Matterhorn the Brave

I’m the author of the eight-book Matterhorn the Brave series. The time-travel fantasy began a quarter-century ago as bedtime stories for my four children. I crafted a character for each that reflected their unique personality and strengths. It was my way of giving them role models they could identify with and grow into.


It began with Matt, our third son. Born between two older brothers and a sister, he sometimes felt like the odd-boy out, but at bedtime he was the center of attention. Soon the other kids wanted into the act. The intrepid Matterhorn the Brave was joined by the ingenious Aaron the Baron and the stoic Nate the Great. The empathic Princess Jewel came along and more than earned her place in this Band of Brothers.


For years my wife Susan suggested I write the stories down, a task I finally began in 1998. Since the Chronicles of Narnia featured siblings, I decided to diversify my cast. Princess Jewel became a Chinook Indian and Nate the Great became an Australian Aboriginal. As a reward for her persistence, Susan became Queen Bea.


The saga stretches from prehistoric times to the present and spans the globe. It’s a classis struggle of good verses evil without the gore and violence of graphic novels or video games. It’s written with boys and other reluctant readers in mind. Lots of action and suspense, with every book and almost every chapter ending on a cliff.


As my children got married, I added their spouses to the epic. Aaron’s wife Sarah became Sara, an Irish water nymph. Nate’s wife Jenn became Nifer, a Siberian fairy. Julie got married after the books were done, but her husband Alan is poised to star in the next series about Bonehand, aka Alan of Briggs.

Family members whoinspired Matterhorn chracters
Family members who inspired Matterhorn chracters


From Left to right: Nifer the Fairy, Nate the Great, Sara the Naiad, Aaron the Baron, Matterhorn the Brave, Princess Jewel. (Queen Bea is taking the picture.)


You can check out the series at and order autographed copies.


I now have two grandkids, Jason and Emma, who star in their own series called The Lighthouse Company (TLC). I can hardly wait to start reading it to them.



One thought on “Matterhorn the Brave

  1. I just have to say that MY reluctant reader (a 10-year-old boy) has never devoured books the way he did Mike’s Matterhorn series (before or since)! He’s now asking that we read them aloud as a family. Mike’s kids are VERY blessed to have such a dad! 🙂

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