My Life – II

Personalizing a cartoon by Ashleigh Brilliant, I would say “Everything I am today I owe to situations it is too late to change and people whom it is now too late to punish.” It applies to my middle decades (20-50) as summarized in the page called “Protestant Reformation” (see sidebar).


I’ve left out far more than I’ve included but brevity is the quiddity of blogging.



One thought on “My Life – II

  1. Hi Mike,
    I have been going through my own protestant reformation. No caps here, its a lower case experience right now. Perhaps cliches work best in the optimism of extreme youth, but their luster fades as youth gets less extreme (at 52 I’m not old, but also not extremely young). Let me recommend a message preached by Haddon Robinson ( with the title “What do you do when the Facts of your Faith conflict with the Facts of your Life?”. I think he ends where Job (the book) ends. The creamy smooth verities so often preached don’t match up with the lumpiness of life. I leave the conclusion as an exercise for the liver (or pancreas, or spleen, whatever).

    We are glad the prognosis looks good. Chemo sucks or so Kenny has told us. As I recall, he did develop a taste for fiery hot Cheetos and sour apple SweetTarts made him sick.


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