Live from the Clinic – 2

1:50 pm – My Rituximab made it in without a problem and the Cyclophosphamide is next. That’s the derivative of mustard gas.

Don't ask how much this costs
Do NOT ask how much this costs


I’ve been drinking a lot and wearing out a path to the restroom. The first day or two of chemo they want you to drink like a camel and pee like a racehorse. The idea is to flush the toxins out of your body before they can damage the liver, kidney or bladder.

The Soouth Office is still open
The South Office is still open


Thanks to all of you who have prayed and are continuing to do so. I have felt surrounded and supported throughout this whole adventure. I have had little pain and even less apprehension about my future. At least so far.


Susan is working, too
Susan is working, too


2 thoughts on “Live from the Clinic – 2

  1. I take it by the new posting and the cartoon that you are the “little pink one” these days. You little stinker you.

    love yas

  2. Glad to hear you had a “good” day at treatment. I remember drinking so much water I thought I would burst but my lab work today shows good liver and kidneys so be strong!

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