Live from the Clinic -3

4:50 pm – There are about a dozen recliners in the clinic and quite a few people shuffle through here in a day. I was the first in and will likely be the last out but the staff and volunteers do everything to make the guests comfortable.


Some of the guests
Some of the guests



I’ve had no reaction from the earlier drugs and the ones I’m getting now don’t have immediate side effects, so I should leave feeling as good as when I arrived. A great blessing. It’s surprising given the potency of what they’re squirting into my heart. The nurses have to suit up even to handle it.


Toxic cocktail
Toxic cocktail



As soon as I finish all this I get to go home.


Happy Hour!
Happy Hour!




5 thoughts on “Live from the Clinic -3

  1. hi mike,
    katie said you were having some insomnia issues – it must be really frustrating to be awake against your will. we hope you are able to sleep soon, and pray that your side effects are minimal……we check the blog a couple of times a day, so write when you can. luf you


  2. Hi, Mike!

    We appreciate being kept up to date by your blog. I’m not much of a blogger, but am getting sucked into the world by you and my oldest daughter! Know that we think of you and pray for you often!

  3. hi mike! thanks for the updates. it’s nice to be able to keep tabs on you even from a distance. you are in our thoughts and prayers – hope that you are feeling well today!

  4. hay bro……….sounds like you survived the day so far. how does the incision site feel today? is the port noticeable???
    maybe i could get cancer too and we could go thru this together……….a good friend would do that for you, you know. seriously tho, i hope your side effects are minimal throughout your ordeal. love ya

    middle sis

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