Flat as a Shadow

I’ve had no nausea so far, thank God, but the prednisone has been messing with my sleep and I’m starting to feel both tired and fatigued. There’s a difference you know.


Tiredness is a normal part of life. It results from exertion and stress and is usually fixed by a good night’s sleep or two. Fatigue is a whole-body lack of energy signaling a decreased capacity or complete inability to function normally. It is not relieved by sleep.


I feel a wedge of weariness from my shoulder joints to my groin. My solar plexus aches. My posture is a C-. But at least my sharp is still mind.


A “tiredness continuum” might look like this:


sleepiness  tiredness   fatigue              chronic fatigue or CRF (see below)


“It is important to recognize the difference between tiredness and fatigue, because fatigue is a marker that the body is not able to keep up,” says Dr. Karin Olson of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.


Dr. Olsen points out that individuals who are tired still have a fair bit of energy, so although they may feel forgetful and impatient and experience gradual heaviness or weakness in muscles following work, this is often alleviated by rest. Fatigue, on the other hand, is characterized by difficulty concentrating, anxiety, a gradual decrease in stamina, difficulty sleeping, increased sensitivity to light and the limiting of social activities once viewed as important. (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/62255.php)


One of the more common side effects of cancer and its treatment is Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF). It can occur suddenly; it does not result from activity or exertion; and it is not relieved by rest or sleep. It may continue even after treatment is complete. There are some practical ways to deal with tiredness, fatigue and CRF but I’m too bushed to type them out. Visit the Cleveland Clinic site at http://my.clevelandclinic.org/myeloma/education/cancer_related_fatigue.aspx for helpful tips . . on . . . how . . . . to . . . . . zz  zz  zz  zz


2 thoughts on “Flat as a Shadow

  1. thx for the CRF links. i am still struggling with the body tiredness. i am clean of NHL after 3 scans so far. good reading you blog as well. the more u stay busy the better it will be. the R-Chop was great for me.. good luck and as always praying for a cure…

  2. thanks for such an informative post in the midst of your slump! we’ll be praying for renewed strength and energy and praising the Lord for no nausea thus far!

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