Cancer is serious business but not everything about it is life threatening. Here’s some of the lint that’s collected on my filter the past few weeks:


  • I’ve lost my taste for coffee, a habit I’ve cultivated my entire adult life. And I just got a french press for my birthday.
  • I’m no longer interested in the occasional glass of wine, which is fine because alcohol is verboten during chemo.
  • I have a yucky taste in my mouth and a queasiness in my stomach most of the time. Not quite nausea but not quite normal.
  • The port in my chest sticks out like an acorn. My grandkids bump it when I pick them up and the shoulder belt in the car catches on it.
  • My sleep pattern is messed up and my energy level is worn down. It’s like someone let the air out of my tires and I’m running on the rims.
  • I’ve given up shaking hands for now. As I walked into church today I thought of how we station greeters to collect germs from everyone entering and to spread the little buggers throughout the community.
  • We’re buying more organic food but still peeling everything because skins have higher levels of crud. Ever tried peeling an apricot?
  • We completed a Dave Ramsey course this spring and got our budget balanced, but now the medical category refuses to stay in line. He’s looting and pillaging his neighbors. I take solace from the words of the economist, Sinbad. “It’s only money; they print more of it everyday.”


Compared to what others have gone through with cancer and chemo, I have been extremely fortunate so far. Life goes on and I can certainly live with a little dust on the windshield.



2 thoughts on “Lint

  1. wow…….if you were a car you’d be a pinto! we all know you have a cadillac engine under your soon to be barren hood, so we continue to pray that your transmission, undercarriage and radiator can stand the stress of getting an overhaul. (can you tell i’m married to a mechanic??) your insurance Man will take care of you.
    continuing to love you…..

    middle sis

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