Bill Thomas

I’ve been fairly active since seeing a physical therapist to learn what I can and can’t do. Basically as long as my hemoglobin count stays above 9, I can exercise with moderation. Monday I did the treadmill for 15 minutes. Yesterday I ran half my normal route without a problem. Today I mowed the lawn.

Other than some bone aches, I feel pretty good, relatively speaking. But today I got a sober reminder of cancer’s pernicious temperament. While at the clinic waiting to have my blood drawn, I read an article in their recent newsletter about the Thomas House.

The Thomas House is a new lodging resource for Memorial cancer patients traveling to Colorado Springs for treatment. It is a comfortable two-bedroom apartment within walking distance of Memorial Hospital . . . This wonderful venture is the brainchild of the sister of a former cancer patient, Bill Thomas, a Colorado Springs Police Department detective. . . There is no monetary charge to patients but a donation of $10 per night is appreciated for those who are able to contribute.

The generosity of this act touched me, but not as deeply as the event that brought it about.

Bill Thomas died of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

3 thoughts on “Bill Thomas

  1. Bill Thomas was my father who was the one who passed away from non- hodgkins lymphoma. Thank you Mike for making this website!

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