Sunday Funnies

I have warm childhood memories of reading the Sunday funnies: Blonde & Dagwood, B. C., Andy Capp, Herman and their ilk. I don’t find today’s lineup very humorous. There are more laughs on the typical op ed page than in the comics.


I still enjoy great cartoons and have collected some gems over the years. Here are a dozen one-panelers that go from cradle to grave. Forgive the quality as some are digital pics of old paper. If you don’t LOL at least three times, seek professional help.

















2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. Hey Uncle Mike,

    I just read your whole blog… sad its taken me this long to get to it especially since I am your favorite niece (smile) and an oncology RN. I much enjoyed it. It was enlightening to read the beginning and the present at the same time. Reading the progression of the last 3 months in about an hour paints an interesting picture of your thoughtfulness. I think of you more often than I voice, and ask mom about you too. I’m also glad you don’t have to be hospitalized thus far! Sounds like you have a nice set up for your out-patient visits.

    Thank you for being so honest with your words. Its a quality I feel I am just now beginning to really develop in myself as before I have always been afraid of complete honesty. The potential reactions of others (and my own) always un-nerved me to the extent that I’ve become a professional “sugar-coater”. But growing up, and a few wonderful people in my life, have helped me realize this about myself and helped me begin to tell the truth. My truth. Without fear (or at least with less fear… if we’re being honest (smile)). So I have become exponentially appreciative of those telling very open stories: good, bad, ugly, hopeful, skeptical, angry, relieved, torn, vulnerable, tenacious. (For these facts, I am an Anne Lamott fan also (smile)).

    So again, thank you for your story. And well done for being so well researched and learned. I work in oncology and several pieces of information and web links you added were like a needed review— you are right, there is too much to know it all. Sounds like your doing about exactly as you should be. I hope you get to go camping this weekend— BUT DON’T GET SICK you immune compromised word nerd! (You do use a lot of awesome, witty vocabulary!) Oh, and thanks for the Sunday funnies (smile)…


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