Is Cancer Evil?

No, cancer is not evil. It is many terrible things but it is not evil in the traditional sense of the word because it lacks moral premeditation. Evil is usually defined as “the quality of being morally bad or wrong.” Evil requires a moral agent behind the action.


Evil does exist, as both presidential candidates recently acknowledged and as most people would readily agree. Its reality is underscored by its ubiquity, which extends from the selfishness of infants to the megalomania dictators. But where does it come from?


To find out, read the Page by the same name (located in the sidebar).



One thought on “Is Cancer Evil?

  1. Great blog, Mike. I only just discovered it.

    So much of your journey sounds familiar. I’ve got NHL, too (it was a mixture of large and small B-cell, but now it’s only the follicular, or small-cell, that’s returned). R-CHOP? Been there, done that. For me, it was successful – the aggressive, large-cell variety hasn’t come back, more than 2 years later. My doc expected the follicular to come back, which it did, though sooner than expected. Still, there’s no treatment at the moment – just watch and wait.

    I’ve been doing this cancer-blogging thing, too. Check it out:
    “A Pastor’s Cancer Diary”

    I’ve included a link to your blog on mine.

    Grace and peace, and may the prednisone heebie-jeebies keep far from your doorstep.


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