Round 2

8:00 am – I’m back in the clinic today for my second round of chemo, which should last about eight hours. My daughter Julie brought me in and Susan will take over at lunch. They know I need adult supervision at all times. If my first round is any indicator, things should go smoothly. I have my phone and laptop and so can stay busy.



Julie my Princess
Julie my Princess



1:10 pm – One bag down, three more to go. Right now I’m getting a booster of Zofran to prevent nausea and other reactions. I took a corner chair this time with more room. It’s like being in a library with IV poles. My nurse today is Mary Beth and she’s wonderful, like all the clinic staff I’ve met so far.


Mary Beth doing the needlework
Mary Beth doing the needlework



2:00 pm – Now I’m on the Red Devil, the stuff they can’t let touch your skin or anything else because it’s a vesicant. It is also hard on the kidneys and you are supposed to get it out of your system as soon as possible, hence the copious drinking. I’d like to keep my beard but it’s going the way of my head hair. I see little strands on my clipboard. I’ll eventually lose all bodily hair and resemble an albino cucumber.



Another day at the office
Another day at the office



3:50 pm – Looks like I’ll finish early today. Then home to take more drugs by mouth and settle back into the home routine, whatever that is.


If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact, not to be solved but to be coped with over time.” – Donald Rumsfield


God is the author of some storms directly; but he is the author of the possibility of all storms in giving us freedom. – John Eldridge


There are four ways to know much: live for many years, travel through many lands, read many good books (which is easiest) and converse with wise friends (which is most enjoyable. – Baltasar Gracian



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