Hurricane Season

Life has its hurricane seasons (June – November) when one storm after another roils the waters and inundates the land. To my physical challenges I can now add financial and professional ones.


The project I’ve been working on all summer has run out of funding and is on hold, which means I’m unemployed for the time being. I’ve had my own freelance writing business for twelve years and this isn’t the first lull I’ve had to weather, nor will it be the last.


I have no royalties coming in from the dozen or so books I’ve written, not having joined the ranks of the talented few who earn their living by the book. Successful authors are as elite as successful actors or athletes. In fact, I’m currently on the other end of the spectrum.


My publisher has just decided to drop the Matterhorn the Brave series. The rights to the six published books will revert to me—not that I can afford to do anything with them—and the last two books will not be printed. A best case scenario would be for another publisher to pick up and market the series. A long shot, but it could happen.


To paraphrase Ted Turner, sometimes life is like a B-movie. You don’t want to leave in the middle, but you don’t want to see it again.


BTW, what do you think of my new look (see sidebar pics)? If I get invited to a Halloween party next month I can wear an orange sheet and go as a Tibetan monk or a green sweatshirt with a pillow in back and go as a turtle.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Season

  1. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis (I guess the Gazette is good for something), but thankful for your well written, humorous and honest blog. Would that all accounts of our living were well written, humorous and honest.

    From faithful Catholic to earnest PB to posing as a Tibetan Monk. What a compelling story! It will make for a great theatrical release.

    Will keep you in prayer. And will keep tuning in to the continuing story of “Cells Behaving Badly”.

  2. Dad, life’s not fair. I know you always told us “whoever said life was fair?”… but seriously! Can’t it be fair sometimes?? I’m sorry about your books. Maybe it’s a blessing in diguise. Someone else would be dumb to not pick up your serious. Maybe we’ll get to see the third rendition of books one and two… you’re my favorite author! See you tomorrow.

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