My Heroes

Now that I’m shopping for a new publisher for my Matterhorn booksI picked up The Sword and the Flute and read the first chapter, asking myself if it was strong enough to pull a busy editor into the story. I got drawn in and read the whole thing. (Turns out I had several hours of unexpected free time last Friday while in the emergency room waiting for some blood test results. Everything came out fine.)


Being an inveterate editor, I found phrases that could be tightened and nuances that could be added, but then as every experienced writer knows; a book is never finished, only abandoned.


For someone who made up over 300,000 words as I went, the saga turns out surprisingly coherent. Almost like I had a plan, which I didn’t. I had no idea how the tale would end until I wrote the last chapter and epilogue.


I genuinely love the Matterhorn characters and the people who inspired them, my wife, children and their spouses. They are my heroes, from Queen Bea to Nifer the Fairy. They are people of integrity, ingenuity and imagination. Each is fearfully and wonderfully made; uniquely gifted and delightfully vibrant.


Plus, they have heeded the advice of Phoenix of Hungary, as quoted in A Pocket Mirror for Heroes. “The grandeur of a hero depends on two things: doing good deeds and being generous to writers, for eternity is captured in characters of gold.”


My family qualifies on both counts. As for eternity, that’s too lofty a goal. I’ll settle for just getting all eight books in print.



2 thoughts on “My Heroes

  1. Well, I’m now getting to know firsthand what all the fuss is about. Nathan’s younger brother Connor asked Mom to read the Matterhorn books to him, so we’ve been sucked into The Sword and the Flute this week as well! 🙂 The only problem we have is deciding how many chapters to read (always more than one)! Connor says five, but sleepy Mom says two or three will have to suffice. We also warn Nathan very sternly about spoiling any surprises in the plot! Blessings to you!

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