Mid-Term Exam

Next Monday I have my mid-term appointment with Dr. Dax Kurbegov. On Tuesday I get my fourth of six R-CHOP chemo treatments and I’m interested to see how my cancer is responding to the toxic treatment.


Based on my research I have two diagnostic questions to ask the good doctor:


1. What about getting an 18FDG PET scan?


This type of scan has “greater prognostic values than CT after the third and the last cycle of chemotherapy. PET after three cycles of chemotherapy is predictive of 18-month outcome in patients with intermediate and aggressive NHL (Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and HL (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and may help in the identification of patients who would benefit from more intensive treatment or from a change in chemotherapy.”


Also, an interim positive PET scan is a statistically significant adverse prognostic factor for treatment failure.


2. What about checking my CRP level?


CRP stands for C-Reactive Protein. “The early-mid treatment serum CRP level is a prognostic factor in aggressive NHL. Patients who do not achieve an early-mid treatment level of <5 mg/L have quicker disease progression or earlier relapse and also appear to have an inferior overall survival.” http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/117978510/abstract


I’ll post the answers to these questions when I get them.



4 thoughts on “Mid-Term Exam

  1. Hello, MIKE!

    Well, I am thankful to have stumbled across your notes. I found out last week that I have the same type of Lymphoma as you! I am a 31-yr old male in Atlanta, with no kids yet (but trying!).

    I am a bit nervous about what to expect with R-CHOP… and not to mention all of the other potential side effects!

    Feel free to shoot me a note anytime and maybe we can compare thoughts/experiences!

    smartt_s @ comcast.net

  2. wanted to stop by and show some love;)
    I have to say, I don’t even think my medically minded dad had your current knowledge of some of these current cancer procedures, wanna do lunch soon?

  3. My husband (age 54) was diagnosed with NHL B cell indolent follicular lymphoma on July 2, 2008. He starts his 4th round of chemo today: Rituxan, Fludara, and Cytoxan. He’s on a 3-week cycle.

    He got a CT/PET scan on Monday and we are thrilled. The scan shows a 95% reduction in his lymphoma. He’s on his way to being in remission!

    Although his chemo cocktail is different from yours, I want to tell you how GREAT it is to have that information from his recent CT/PET. We have a blog that I’d be happy to give you privately, if you’re interested. Hang in there!

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