“Crapulence” was in the dictionary long before Monty Burns used it on the Simpsons. It’s now in my vocabulary as the perfect word to describe chemo and its aftermath. Three weeks out from my last treatment and I still have neuropathy in my legs and near apathy in my energy level.


Crapulence is “sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking (or drugging).” My side effects could have been much worse. Still, chemo is about as fun as a field tracheotomy or removing your own teeth with a rock a la Tom Hanks in Cast Away.


The upside is the drugs appear to have napalmed my cancer. I’ll know more in January.


Today is the third Tuesday in my cycle and I went to the clinic as usual. Not for treatment but to leave a dozen roses on the table near my regular chair.



3 thoughts on “Crapulence

  1. This is great news Mike. I am so glad to hear that the the chemo has done what it is supposed to do. I’m so sorry you are experiencing those side effects! I know that cannot be a fun ordeal! You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear things are looking up.

  2. Hi Mike

    Don’t know if you checked back onto my blog for my response to your generous offer of wbc. Made me laugh! Too bad the ones with the low white count can’t just meet over coffee with the ones with the high count and then the high count people could give some to the low count people and everyone would be just right!

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