Computed Axial Tomography

I started the last day of 2008 in a CT scanner getting my abdomen checked. It beats exploratory surgery. Thankfully, the procedure is painless unless you count drinking the contrast solution, which tastes like banana flavored chalk.


Computed Axial Tomography, a.k.a. CAT or CT scan, was invented in 1972 by a British engineer and a South African physicist, both of whom later received the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to medicine and science.


Tomos is Greek for “slice” and graphia means “without a knife.” The CT scan uses x-rays and computers to examine the body in 3-D. It allows radiologists to see diseases and abnormalities that, in the past, could only be found by surgery – or an autopsy.


If my scan comes back clear, I’ll be in my first year of remission. If it’s not clear . . . I don’t want to think about that right now.


Life trundles on into the New Year. The challenge is to give it meaning, to channel the motion in a desired direction.



One thought on “Computed Axial Tomography

  1. Praying, as always. 🙂 When will you find out the results? See you tomorrow. I’m experimenting w/ recipes again, so you guys get to be my guinea pigs. Have a lovely & restful new year’s eve!

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