New Name

My cells seem to be behaving properly these days but my mind continues to act up, so I’m shifting the focus of my blog from soma to psyche.


Since this blog is where I can say what I want about anything I want, I’ve renamed it “OPEN Mike.” Readers can interact with me via Comments and I’ll gladly respond. Dialogue is welcome but soliloquy is the norm.


My new motto: Ipse Dixit



3 thoughts on “New Name

  1. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” I’ve always heard this. So considering that, we should keep our minds busy and learn and use our minds. Your blog looks great. Jill

  2. Mike … perfect name for the blog! Keep up the great posts. I look forward to reading them.
    Great to be able to spend a little time together in AZ. Look forward to seeing you next time we are in CO.
    Congrats on the great medical report …

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