35 is …

35 is … used five times in the Bible.


35 is … the atomic number of bromine.


35 is … how many miles long you could draw a line with a #2 pencil.


35 is … the minimum age you have to be to run for President of the US.


35 is … is how long Susan Bea Wright and I have been married. We tied the knot on February 9, 1974. That was the year that saw Patty Hearst kidnapped, President Nixon resign and Muhammad Ali regain the world heavyweight title.


We have been together as long as:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has been alive.
  • People magazine has been published.
  • A Prairie Home Companion has been on the air.

The traditional gift for a 35th wedding anniversary is coral. The modern gift is jade. I can give you neither this year, Susan, but I can give you something more rare and precious. My unique and undying love.


Ashleigh Brilliant once wrote, “I’ve been desperately trying to save my marriage for the last 35 years.” In my case, my marriage has saved me.


I love you, Susie B. Always have, always will.


35 years and counting
35 years and counting




7 thoughts on “35 is …

  1. On Feb 9, 1974, the Lord gave Dad and me a treasure, a fine son named Mike. We loved you then and love you more now. Thank you for being such a good husband, father, and son. May you and Susan be granted many more years together. Love, Mom

  2. That is beautiful, Mike. 🙂 And your marriage — and the outcomes of it — is even moreso.

    In Feb 1974, the future wife of one of your children was 2 1/2, living in denver, (and was probably also adorned in plaid polyester, similar to Karen’s son. 🙂 ) I think she had a bowl hair-cut too. But don’t let that get out.

  3. In 1974, I made a polyester plaid sports jacket for my 2 1/2 year old son so he would look sharp for my brother’s wedding. Back in the day that was styling. I’m glad there is always a new fashion statement around the corner. I don’t think plaid jackets or polyester will ever come back – heaven forbid.

    But I do think that loving someone faithfully for the majority of one’s life will never go out of style. In your case Susan and Mike, you both are styling with class. We all have something to learn from you. Many, many more for you in the future.

  4. Happy Anniversary Mike & Susan!! 35 years – WOW! I remember 1974 very well. It was my final year of high school. “I am not a crook!” became a catch phrase amongst my peers, arms held straight up in the air, lips stuck out indignantly and probably terrible American accents!!

  5. My Michael,
    I accept your gift. It is more valuable to me that any coral or jade could ever be. 35 years with you has been an adventure I will always treasure. I’m looking forward to many more! I love you! Susan

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