Questions Worth Asking

Susan and I recently visited Colorado Community Church with our son and daughter-in-law. The preacher was starting a series on Nehemiah and he ended his talk by asking two questions based on the first chapter: “What breaks your heart?” and “Who are your people?”


For my answer to the last question, see the page called My People.


3 thoughts on “Questions Worth Asking

  1. Jennifer,
    So sorry that your husband has NHL. I can completely understand your feelings because my husband was diagnosed last July 2nd. We journeyed through chemo together and he is now in remission. Check-out our Caringbridge site. We made it through, so can you.
    Take care, Maureen

  2. My husband was diagnosed with NHL just 4 days ago (wow I just wrote it for the 1st time), he is 39 years old and has had Crohn’s Disease for the last 20 years. He is currently in the hospital and has been for almost 3 weeks with a constant fever they thought was a fungal infection,(Bwa Ha Ha!!) until a FN biopsy of a slightly enlarged LN of his groin was done. I am an RN but in Obstetrics (loved your stunt double post) so this is all new to me too.
    This is my first day leaving him alone in the hospital and the first bit of investigation I have done. Yours is the first site I looked at. I can’t wait until he is feeling better and can read your story. He is an English teacher and will LOVE to read your blogs.
    Please pray for us and I will pray for you and your family too 🙂
    Jennnifer – Merced, CA

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