I had a PET scan yesterday and will get the results next week. While near the hospital I dropped by the chemo clinic to hug the nurses. These caring professionals work against the odds and they experience more loss than most people. It’s important for the “wins” to come back once in a while and say, “Thanks for all you did. I’m alive because of you.”


We all need to be appreciated; it’s food for the soul and oil for the gears of civilization. And as with most other virtues, it is better to give than receive.


Can you think of someone who has been a blessing to you and who deserves a thank you hug? A parent, spouse, friend, boss, pastor, neighbor? Move that earned embrace to the top of your To Do list. If the worthy party isn’t within arm’s reach, make a call or send an email.


Don’t put it off. In the book, Life Lessons, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler tell the story of woman whose husband died in his sleep at age forty-four. Now, she says, this heartbreaking experience has taught her not to take relationships, people, or time for granted.


“I looked back at our lives and saw everything so differently. That was our last kiss, our last meal, our last vacation, our last hug . . . I understand that Kevin was a gift I could keep for a while but not forever. This is true for everyone I meet. Knowing this makes me take in these moments and people even more.”


You can never be too thankful for others, but you can be too thoughtless to express it. Don’t be.


3 thoughts on “Hugs

  1. Your comments reminded me to let you know once again how much I love you and how frightened I was last July. There is no way I could do without you in my life. Even though we don’t speak every day or even every week, we are connected biologically, all 5 of us, and it is possibly the second or third tightest connection between people (1. your spouse and off spring, 2. your parents, 3. your sibs). Don’t go anywhere – do you hear me? I want us to see each other when we are in our 80’s and we can laugh at what we look like and say to each other “what the hell happened to us?”

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