Saintly Brew

Here’s an update on my Civilizing Influence post of Jan. 20 concerning coffee.


The average American coffee-drinker spends more on java in a day than most people in the developing world earn over the same period. One way to put that money to good use is to switch to Saints Coffee.


The coffee is 100% Fair Trade Certified, organic, and small-batch roasted. But the best part is that when you buy a pound, you also feed an African orphan for a month! To date, the company has provided more than 225,000 meals for more than 7,500 children in Ethiopia and Swaziland.


Be a saint and order some fresh beans today. If you like what you taste, tell a friend.




One thought on “Saintly Brew

  1. Thanks for the update. I shared this w/ my cousin who is a big fan of fair-trade organic coffee. (It made buying his Christmas gift pretty easy! 😉 )

    BTW, I love your new header image! What cuties. 🙂

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