Salvage Therapy?

I had my fourth biopsy today and will find out the results on Thursday. If the inflammation is non-malignant, I’ll post a “False Alarm” on Friday. If it turns out my lymphoma is back, it will be considered a “relapsed disease” and I will be headed for salvage therapy.


That’s what they call it—look it up. Salvage therapy is “treatment that is given after the cancer has not responded to other treatments. In my case, R-CHOP chemo.


The medical community really should do a better job with their nomenclature. Relapsed is bad enough, but salvage? That’s what you do to wrecked cars and sunken ships.


Although to be fair, salvage used as a noun means “something saved from destruction or waste and put to further use.”


I can live with that.


CT Biopsy Set Up
CT Biopsy Set Up

6 thoughts on “Salvage Therapy?

  1. We are confident that you are in good hands medically, and that God has you in His hands, which is far better. Love you, Mike. Mom

  2. hey Mike, your Bat-Cave looks like my Bat-Cave does. I tend to give my treatment and assessment rooms names. Sounds better than CT/MRI, Radiotherapy room etc.

    Am thinking of you praying for you and Susa

    Take care

  3. Hi. I just read this article:

    She went through all the cancer treatments and then went on the Halleluja diet. I prefer the Daniel Fast which is similar to the Halleluja diet except you don’t need to buy the Barley Max.

    Here is info on how the Daniel fast helped someone be cancer free:

    Psalm 86:10-12
    For thou art great, and doest wondrous things:
    Thou art God alone. Teach me thy way, O Lord;
    I will walk in thy truth:
    Unite my heart to fear thy name.
    I will praise thee, O Lord my God
    with all my heart:
    and I will glorify thy name

    This is a scripture song I like

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