RICE Chemo

Okay boys and girls, here’s the vocabulary lesson for next week. These unpronounceable pharmaceuticals will soon be injected into my personal regions as the chemo cocktail with the acronym RICE:


Rituximab (ri TUK si mab) – a monoclonal antibody that works by targeting the CD20 antigen on B-cells. This wonder drug was also the R in my R CHOP chemo.


Ifosfamide (eye-FOSS-fa-mide) – an alkylating agent chemically related to the nitrogen mustards. Used for recurring cancers. Can cause hemorrhagic cystitis (bladder irritation).


Carboplatin (KAR-bow-plah-tin) – cytotoxic alkylating agent that causes a dramatic decrease in the blood cell and platelet output of bone marrow. Used in preparation for stem cell transplants.


Etoposide (e-TOE-poe-side) – a.k.a. VP-16, is a type of topoisomerase inhibitor that blocks certain enzymes needed for cell division and DNA repair. And it may even kill cancer cells.


This particular chemo regime is used in preparation for stem cell transplants and I will be getting two rounds of it, three weeks apart. It is a bit more toxic than R CHOP and requires being hospitalized for 3-4 days.


This will be my first hospital stay since I had my tonsils out over fifty years ago. I’ve been extremely fortunate in the health department, having gone over HALF A CENTURY WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE NIGHT IN A HOSPITAL BED!


How many of you can say that!



5 thoughts on “RICE Chemo

  1. I had RCHOP two years and now they want to give me RICE. I have heard some remarks that it is very toxic, especially to the heart. Have you had a treatment. If so, how did your body react? They want me to have two within three weeks. I am 74 years old and had a cardiac arrest from the RCHOP( heart stopped) Your comments would be deeply apprecdiasted-Arnold Goldman

    1. Hi, Arnold…
      I am only 45, and celebrated that birthday in January after finding out the R-CHOP had worked. I was told yesterday that I now have to do RICE and a stem cell transplant. Did you ever have the RICE and what should I expect??? I hope this finds you well…

  2. Mike…we just got the news here at the Oncology clinic…shoot!!! those cells are behaving badly again….

    Please let us know when you are sceduled so we can pop over ot the in patinet unit & check on you…

    our best for you…
    Anne & Michele (RN’s in outpatient clininc)

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