Chemo Prep

Central Venous Catheter
Central Venous Catheter

 I don’t have as much hardware on my chest as General Patreas, but mine doesn’t come off with my jacket. This getup may look awful but it’s a godsend compared to all the needle pokes, blood draws, infusions and IVs it replaces.

This contrivance is called a Hickman Line, or central venous catheter (CVC).


This type of catheter is surgically inserted into a vein in the neck or chest and passed under the skin. Only the end of the catheter is brought through the skin through which medicines can be given. Passing the catheter under the skin helps keep it in place better, lets the patient move around easier, and makes it less visible. (Less visible! I have multicolored tentacles dangling from my chest!)


A CVC can remain in place for extended periods and is used when long-term intravenous access is needed, as with chemo. This model is called a triluminal catheter because it has three tails.


I also have a antiemetic patch on my upper arm that’s the new gold standard in nausea control. It contains granisetron, a recently approved anti-nausea drug. This is just the baseline; I’ll get other medications as needed in the hospital.


All this gives the impression that I’m headed for some kick-ass chemo, but then, killing cancer at its genetic roots is serious business. The goal is to put me in remission so that clean stem cells can be harvested for my upcoming transplant.


Take No Prisoners!

10 thoughts on “Chemo Prep

  1. They pulled out my lines because they thought they were infected so now I get “stuck” all the time. Ouch. At least it’s usually around 5 a.m. and I’m half asleep. Good luck with your treatment.

  2. Hi Mike –wow, so that’s the heavy artillery that’s going to be used for this full-frontal assault! Good looking hardware. 🙂

    An odd, but practical question: do you have to cover that over when you shower? Do you have to keep it from getting wet? Just curious.

  3. In response to middle sister’s comments, some of the things you would get with my marrow is an unquenchable need for potato chips on a daily basis, not being able to drive past a yarn shop without checking it out and an 3 year unreasonable cycle of desire to acquire a cat. Also, you will get the ability to sit through untold number of Seinfeld episodes weekly without your head exploding. You have quite a gene pool to pick from if the need exists. My suggestions is that you have a serious chat with your little stem cells and get them on board before one of your sisters has to take over. It could get ugly! (I would give you anything you need and you know it!)

  4. beautiful device, Mike!
    all that matters is that it helps on the journey ahead. I’m committed to lots of praying .
    love, Mom

  5. hay bro… looks like aliens captured you for experiments and left some of their hardware behind! we’re sure hoping your upcoming treatment is the cure you need. if you need my bone marrow, which is like karens’, you will have an undying desire to have rats, snakes, cats, dogs, birds and anything furry and cute – so for your sake, i hope you have to use karens’ marrow 🙂

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