Great People

Illness reminds you just how much you need people and just how wonderful people can be. Memorial Health System continues to impress me from the top down. The administrators, doctors, nurses and support staff I’ve dealt with are great and they’ve won enough awards to prove my experience isn’t unique.


From getting me into a financial aid program to providing valet parking 24/7 so Susan doesn’t have to worry about leaving at night, they go the extra mile. The medical personnel are professional but not pushy. They treat me as a person, not a disease. (I’m sure it has nothing to do with me blogging everything that happens.J)


This is what I appreciate most as a client a.k.a patient: The doctors and nurses come across as people first. Yes, they are highly trained specialists whose skills are saving my life, but we can talk and banter about other things, e.g. grandkids, the economy, good wine and bad doctor shows on TV.


From what I’ve seen of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center where I’ll have my stem cell transplant, their staff is cut from the same cloth. I feel blessed.


I’ll post some pics of these pros once I get out as the hospital network has filters I can’t get around. So much for freedom of the press!


3 thoughts on “Great People

  1. Sorry to hear things have been so rough with this round. We’re home from work and the roads are pretty bad. I will shovel the driveway.

    Love you man! Alan

  2. That is so great to read! I’m so glad staff there is looking out for you *and* your loved ones. I hope you get some good rest tonight. Praying for your strength & rest.

  3. I have been worried about you all day and here you are sitting around writing!! Let me know when I can call you. My mind has been all over the place with you. After all – I am the matriarch of the clan and I am in charge of “worry”.

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