Night Games

I should be able to leave as soon as the doctor wanders by. The bad weather seems to have slowed down the daily rounds.


I thought last night’s display of projectile vomiting would get me evicted first thing this morning, but they seem to be forgiving about such indiscretions around here. I did get enough sleeping medicine afterward to put me down for the night though, so I’ll call the bout a draw.


I woke up a 5 a.m. with a buldging bladder to find myself neatly balanced on four pillows; one under my head, my butt, my knees and my heels. It was like sleeping on lily pads. I thanked Nancy for so arranging me as to minimize soakage in case of a breach in the levee but she said she didn’t do it.


I wonder who did?



6 thoughts on “Night Games

  1. p.s………what the heck is that a picture of??? did you come up with these during one of your halucinations? my figure has gone to hell and why are my lips on my stomach????


  2. yowza!!! sometimes just getting thru the night is a miracle in itself 🙂
    glad you’re home now, anxiously awaiting your next bout with the poison tree 😦
    i read up on bone marrow donation from the mayo clinic and it doesn’t sound bad at all. i would be honored to be a donor for you. i may even get on the national registry if you don’t need or match me……anyway, we hope all is going to go well for you and your family the next few weeks.
    i love you bro….

  3. Mike! So sorry you were sick…darn it! Next time more drugs to prevent nausea! nice pic of me….wouldn’t have wanted you to post one of me that wasn’t….the picture of the person with Lisa & Kisa is our BOSS…Juanita!….isn’t it a great crew in Oncology? Hope you are home by now…keep us posted..I will check out your blog now & then..I refer pateints to it…. : )

  4. yikes! Sorry about the vomiting. I hope you get released soon so you can enjoy the comfort of your own bed. (And maybe Susan can simulate the pillow-fairy trick? 🙂 )

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