Express Lane Proverbs

We all are making our way toward the check out lanes in the supermarket of life, but it can be a shock to find oneself in the express lane. Having cancer might put me in a shorter queue than my peers, however, I’m not fooled by mere geometry. The shortest line isn’t always the fastest moving.


Still, it does make me stare into my cart to see what I’ve collected so far.


My basket is full of meaningful relationships, wonderful memories and acquired wisdom. My relationships and memories are personal and wouldn’t mean much to you, but I can share from my cache of wisdom.


Wisdom is distilled truth. It is absorbed through the skin—not the eyes or ears—and passed on through touch. It evaporates when hoarded and expands when shared. In that spirit, here’s what I’ve learned:


  • And now these three remain: information, knowledge and wisdom. But the greatest of these is wisdom.
  • Being alive means learning something new every day.
  • People are more important than possessions.
  • Relationships matter more than reputation.
  • Responsibility comes before reward.
  • “Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given.” (aka Biker’s Creed, Ruth Brown)
  • Always thank the pilot. You get where you want in life because of the skills of others.
  • Don’t obsess over what people think about you: they don’t.
  • Avoid books with numbers in the title: it’s never that simple.
  • Change the world: spend time with your kids and grandkids.

(This is an excerpt from the page Checking Out.)


2 thoughts on “Express Lane Proverbs

  1. Here are a few of my favorites Mike:

    *A plate of steamed linoleum and a plate of steamed brocolli have at least this in common: unless covered with cheese sauce they are both disappointing to all but a few.

    *People rarely use the word camphor anymore.

    *Tepidly drenched residuals of form-theory quotients encourage it’s own inflated sense of competency to sketch the thin memories from sleep. (I know this is an old worn out saying but still worth repeating)

    *A cord tightly wound over a cannister of embossed sheet metal is its own reward.

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