Pulling My Hair Out

I have raised four kids and written over a dozen books but it was RICE chemo that finally got me to pull my hair out by the roots. I stood over the wastebasket Saturday night and completely depilated my noodle. Now if someone ever tells me to go pluck myself I can say I already have.


I didn’t want to go to Easter dinner bald as an egg but I was shedding like a German Shorthair and Susan couldn’t take me out in public. Plucking was easier than shaving and not too painful. My top is once more as smooth and shiny as a baby’s bottom.


Only someone who’s gone through chemo can know what it’s like. I’m okay with losing my hair because I think I have a rather handsome head (it’s the chemo talking), but I can understand how devastating it must be for women. My heart goes out to them.


Today I see Dr. Dax and get my blood work done. Tomorrow I return to the hospital for several more bags of RICE. In a few weeks the transplant team at RMCC takes over my treatment. It seems there is another bump on the road to transplant, though.


My dentist found a problem that may require a root canal before the transplant. There is a dark spot beneath a crown that has to be cleared up lest it hold opportunistic bacteria that could be lethal once my immune system is destroyed.


Never a dull moment.



2 thoughts on “Pulling My Hair Out

  1. Now that is a complete bummer, Mike! We are praying! Nice time yesterday despite the snow. Fun, good food ( too much of it), family, noise, two busy and delightful little people, lots of love for each other and a risen Lord. Love, Mom

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