You’re Taking What!

The newest addition to my list of drugs to swallow—number 23, but who’s counting—is Fluconazole (the generic of Diflucan), which many female readers will recognize as a leading treatment for yeast infections. 


The packaging boasts, “Just one oral tablet provides a full course of therapy sufficient to cure most vaginal yeast infections.” Me? I’m on a 14-day regime. And yet I feel ill equipped (sic) to fully benefit.


So, my oncologist says to the pharmacist, “I bet we can get this guy to take anything!” (laughter)


“My oncologist is very concerned about my cancer spreading…”

“How concerned is he?”

“He’s got me protecting organs I don’t have!” (rim shot)


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Yeast who?

Yeast you won’t have to worry about scratching yourself to death! (groan)


Actually, Fluconazole is part of the “anti” phase of staging for a stem cell transplant. I’m taking anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory meds to minimize problems and maximize the chances of a good harvest.



7 thoughts on “You’re Taking What!

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  2. I haven’t counted all the pills I take, but it’s way up there. Something is making me nauseous so that I take a compazine or ativan before I eat. They said it’s probably from one of my pills, but it would be hard to figure out which one. So I take a pill to control the side effects of a pill. Pill upon pill upon pill. I’ve been offered something for the neuropathy in my feet, but I don’t want to take another pill so I’m skipping that one.

  3. Mike,
    Stumbled onto your blog. Really enjoying it. I just had surgery to remove 2 tumors and save my right kidney (tumor wrapped around my ureter and seminal vesicle). All biopsies until surgery were benign but the one of the tumors came back “suspicious for large diffuse b-cell non-Hodgkins lymhpoma”. I head to Wake Cancer Center in NC for my first consult early next month. I’m 47 and understand it’s not unusual, but below the average age for this kind of cancer. One of those times when I wish I was in the average/median, LOL! I’ve been incredibly blessed the first 47 years without cancer so the rest of the journey is going to be interesting. It’s all gift and we are simply taking it one day at a time. Thanks for sharing your story it helps.

  4. Oh, that’s funny. 🙂

    Boy, we could swap prescription stories. I had a planters wart on my foot a few years ago, and the doc prescribed cream that clearly identified itself on the label as primarily for genital warts. Lovely.

    I was blushing when picking it up from the pharmacy! I even wanted to explain to the pharmacist whom I didn’t know & would never see again that — this cream wasn’t for what she thought it was for! 🙂

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