Testing, Testing

I’ve had seven medical tests in the last two days and I was conscious for all of them, meaning they weren’t too stressful. On Monday I have a bone marrow biopsy—won’t be conscious for that—and on Tuesday a possible root canal—wish I could be unconscious.

On May 12th I start the pre-transplant prep at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Denver. The packet of forms—29 pages—they sent me to review and sign is titled:

Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma with
High-Dose Carmustine, Etoposide, Cytarabine and
Cyclophosphamide (BEAC) or Melphalan (BEAM) followed by
Autologous Peripheral Progenitor Cell Rescue

The process is daunting but mostly I feel humbled and a bit guilty at all this medical attention. More money is being spent on me than on whole Mexican villages dealing with the H1N1 flu!

Prepping, testing, recovering and doing all the paperwork for a stem cell transplant is a full-time job. To bad it doesn’t pay anything.


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