Last Day of Chemo

My 11th treatment this week – a final bag of Melphalan with an electrolyte chaser. Tomorrow is a rest day, then I get my stem cells back on Monday. After that it will be a daily rebuilding process while avoiding infections and opportunistic germs.

The chemo effects will reach their nadir in 10-14 days. That’s also about how long it will take for my stem cells to engraft in my bone marrow and start making new blood products. I’ll have to be very careful over the next few weeks but at least I’ll be in the home stretch.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed and written over the past months. I’m sure it has made this whole ordeal much more bearable.


2 thoughts on “Last Day of Chemo

  1. A very big HO RAH ! for the last chemo- and continued best wishes and power prayers for your transplant and the future. I have enjoyed following your blog and reading your musings.

    My older daughter is at day -2 and recomended your blog to me as a fellow traveler. May you both move forward, heal well, and avoid as many germs as possible for the next few weeks:)

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