One Year Ago Today . . .

Blog entry: June 18, 2008

Dr. Dillon’s office:

“You have a nonspecific mass in your omentum,” Dr. Dillon says.
“I didn’t even know I had an omentum,” I reply.
“It’s a fatty covering in the abdomen.”
“How big is the mass?”
“About the size of a grapefruit. The nearby lymph nodes are also enlarged.”

Diagnosis clarified two weeks later: July 2, 2008

The good news from Dr. Dillon is that I have lymphoma and not an omental tumor. The latter is much more lethal. Lymphoma is one of the more curable cancers. He’s sending me to an oncologist since chemo is used and not surgery. I’m to call Dr. Kurbegov’s office on Monday and set up an appointment.

And so it began.

One year later I’m still here. I’ve learned a great deal about the human body and spirit. Both can surprise you with their depth and resilience; yet they are as ephemeral and vulnerable as a cell membrane.

We contemplate the eternal while we cling to the moment; at least I do.

Here’s my To Do List for today, in alphabetical order:

  • Avoid germs
  • Drink water
  • Love people
  • Try not to bleed

2 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today . . .

  1. Hard to believe it’s been a year, at least for me. On my anniversary (June 9), I got together with several friends and celebrated that this year is over. Since you can’t do that, let me say “Happy Anniversary” and may you have many more. I’m still praying every day for you.

  2. Hang in there, Mike. Thank goodness the internet helps the spread of germ-free love with e-mail and IM. I’m doing a little better today (even though my counts are still flatlined….) and feeling like I can get through this. I hope you are in the same place, but if you are feeling like I was Tues and Wed, hang in there.

    And don’t worry about the water….aren’t they pumping you through with liters of saline?

    Take care-


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