Top Ten Ways . . .

. . . a stem cell transplant is like a luxury vacation:

  1. You get a month away from home and work.
  2. The logistics and financial arrangements are handled in advance by specialists.
  3. Accommodations are in a nice hotel in an upscale section of an international city.
  4. A daily per diem is provided for travel and out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. A live-in caregiver accompanies you whose sole purpose is to meet your every need.
  6. Your health is seen to daily by some of the best doctors in the world.
  7. You aren’t allowed to do anything: housework, yard work, maintenance or labor of any sort.
  8. There is abundant free-time to read, relax, sleep or sight see, with special instructions to avoid crowds.
  9. Eating and drinking as much as you can are strongly encouraged—sans alcohol—with the goal being to gain as much weight as possible.
  10. A large corporation foots most of the bill; a good thing since this six-figure jaunt will probably be the most expensive excursion you’ll ever take.

The physical challenges can be daunting–even deadly–however, so squeamish travelers should consider Disney World instead this summer.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways . . .

  1. OK, Mike! I would choose Disney World. I’d rather get to the Flathead Valley and Echo Lake, though. Love, Mom and Dad

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