In Praise of Pus

Pus consists of large numbers of white cells called polymorphonuclear cells that rush to a specific area of the body in response to infection. These cells engulf and kill harmful bacteria and also enlarge nearby blood vessels to bring more white cells to the scene of the crime, hence the inflammation.

When we see pus, it’s a thick, usually yellowish-white ooze of degenerating white blood cells, tissue debris, protein, skin cells and dead or dying microorganisms.

In my current condition, when the sore on my hand—now the size of a quarter, and the one my leg—the size of a silver dollar—call 911, no one answers. Talk about a budget shortfall, my body is bankrupt and there are no emergency services available.

But I am getting outside help in the form of three or four more drugs that Susan has to give me several times daily. It’s a triage measure but I should be making my own pus again by next week. How’s that for a specific life goal – make pus.

Tony Robbins would be so proud of me.


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