On The Pole

My days now revolve around a pole. Not the kind they have down the block at Shotgun Willie’s, or the professional model they use at the clinic, but my own personal IV pole.

I’m tethered to it five times a day and shot in the chest with antibiotics by my nurse/wife. I’m not complaining because it seems to be curing my infection.

My engraftment is starting to take hold. My white count has climbed above 1; yours is closer to 10 on a good day. My platelets are at 25; yours are between 150-400. But at least I’ve left Ground Zero!

I have a theory about a possible spiritual side effect of a stem cell transplant: Scripture says “the life is in the blood,” but what about the “old man?” What if the sin nature also resides in the blood, which is made in the bone marrow? Was my sin nature eradicated when my bone marrow was irradiated? If so, chemo could be the key to the “Second Blessing.”

Keep an eye on me and see if I sin any more.

Bet you $100 I don’t.

Wait, is betting a sin?


5 thoughts on “On The Pole

  1. Me thinks you’ll still be a rotten sinner, like the rest of us, needing His grace and unfailing love each step of the way – every day – – –

    Have a great 4th.

    Keeping you in our prayers, Mike… 🙂

  2. Ah rats….I hadn’t checked in for a couple days and had hoped you were doing better. But it sounds like you’ve rounded the corner! Hang in there; things move quickly after engraftment.

    In step with you still-


  3. Mike … Good to hear the numbers are slowly rising! Let’s hope the blood count number rises more quickly than the number of sins …
    Should be a close.

  4. All Right, Mike!
    That’s the news we have been waiting and praying for- I’m hoping for a big jump in that white count now and the continuing progress-

    As to the probability of any additional “sins” in your future, I am betting that they will be little ones- that hurt no one else- and that are enjoyable, understandable, and quite easily forgivable!

    Keep up the good work and look forward to reading your stories to your grandchildren.

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