Night Sweats

I’ve been having night sweats for about a week now; starting with teeth-chattering floods and slowing to silent soakers. (Don’t worry, no urine is involved.) It’s a good thing the hotel has a king size bed as I can roll from damp to dry for most of the night. And a great thing they have maid service. My tipping has gone way up.

Sleep hyperhidrosis is the medical term for night sweats. Of its most common causes I can rule out:

  • menopause and hormone disorders,
  • early sign of lymphoma,
  • reaction to medications,
  • hypoglycemia,
  • HIV,
  • neurologic conditions, (no snide emails please)
  • and sleeping without an air conditioner.

The probable cause, in descending order of likelihood:

  • side effect of engraftment,
  • lingering infection,
  • sign of some lung damage done by the BCNU chemo.

I’m now on steroids for the nocturnal perspiration and for a persistent cough. I should know more by Monday.

I’m not sweating the outcome.


One thought on “Night Sweats

  1. Hey Mike,

    I just got to catch up on your blog. Way to hang in there! And wow, they are really putting susie to work! I’m sorry you feel crapy but I’m glad your numbers are good. Happy your spirits are good also. You’ve taken it well and I really really hope, hope, pray, pray all is well for you to go home next week. Thanks for your blog humor (smile), the “spiritual component of bone marrow transplant” made several of us up here in our unit laugh.


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