Cardboard Treasures

Susan and I brought a big project with us to work on during the long, lazy afternoons post stem cell transplant. It is sorting through three huge bins of photographs from the last half century and we (i.e. Susan) are almost done.

Our pre-digital-age snaps stretch back to the days of square pieces of cardboard with rounded corners. They came in paper envelopes from Kodak with the sepia 35 mm negatives tucked in a separate sleeve.

How did we decide what to keep for our albums and what to toss? For the most part we kept pictures with faces, preferably children’s. Landscapes, vistas, vacation spots without smiling family or friends in the frame didn’t make the cut.

Hairstyles are always good for a laugh. With my foofy hair, bangs, moustache and beard atop a six-foot, 137-pound frame, I looked like an auburn Q-Tip. Susan obviously had a habit of sticking her finger in light sockets. Bowl cuts for the boys and pony/pig tales for Julie were standard issue.

Coiffures changed a lot through the years; smiles stayed the same.

Fashion is another knee-slapper. Who dressed us back then? And why did we go put in public or allow ourselves to be photographed in stuff circus clowns would shun.

Through the marvel of these miniature windows we can view magnificent memories. Our lives have been richly textured with incredible people and wonderful experiences. I may have questions about my future but there’s no doubt my past has been greatly blessed.

Hamel Family
Hamel Family

Speaking of the future, if all goes well I have my exit interview tomorrow and get my central line taken out. That means I could go home on Tuesday.



6 thoughts on “Cardboard Treasures

  1. Welcome home, Mike! We will be soooo glad to see you tomorrow. Can you imagine how many unsorted photos we have in our archives? They are from at least 2 generations back from Dad and me! Oh well. Some day. Love, Mom

  2. What a great picture!
    Brings back memories of living next door and all of the daily fun of 7 kids… (12 if you add the Sekorski’s)
    snow forts, baseball though your back window, Chad and Matt “breeding” 2 female guinea pigs and killing bees, Lindsey speaking russian at age 6 to your new guests, Michelle feeling so comfortable that she would just let herself in to your house!
    So thankful for the history we share.

  3. Mike I don’t remember you having anything but white hair! Anyway, yesterday mine was dark brown and reached all the way to my bottom. Susans is still dark brown but she cheats. Somewhere I have a picture of me very pregnant with Sarah in a dress I made out of an olive green sheet. (We, like everyone else in our families were poor as church mice.) I should have kept it. Those colors are back in vogue now. I continue to admire your spirit through all of this. Still praying! Tell Susan she can start on my 36 years of pictures next. Love you, Linda

  4. I am in the process of doing the same thing — going thru boxes and boxes of old photos. You are so right — the smiles do remains the same!

    So glad to hear that you are (probably) going home on Tuesday!!!! You continue to be in our prayers!

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