30,000 Visits to OPEN Mike

This is a small number of visits on the net and some mindless YouTube videos get that many in an hour but I’m humbled by the 30,000 times people have come by to see how I’m doing and what I’m thinking.

Thanks for praying, caring and sharing.

I’m four weeks out from my bone marrow transplant and on the way to recovery. White cells and platelets are normal; red cells are low, and will be for a while. No obvious side effects from the steroids or other drugs I’m on. (Susan says I get hyper sometimes, but what does she know.)

My first scan is in September, which will be the initial indication of what my cancer thinks of all this folderol. I hope it’s ticked off enough at the terrible way it’s been treated that it gives up and leaves me alone.

Much to be thankful for
Much to be thankful for

3 thoughts on “30,000 Visits to OPEN Mike

  1. Hi Mike…I have been wondering about you and then today I got an e-mail regarding an article you have written for an upcoming Style magazine article. You are doing such a great job keeping people informed. Hope you are doing great! Stop by the clinic and see us Chemo Nurses!!! Anne

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