Stage Mom or Jedi Mentor?

One thing that tripped up my walk of faith the last few years has been a dearth of experiencing God in daily life (see Jehovah’s Bystander). The spiritual realm flattened into a dark, silence place. Prayers became monologues. Faith, hope and love shriveled into a brittle bunch of dehydrated flowers.

In retrospect, part of the problem may be a misunderstanding of how God works, with undue expectations resulting in unfulfilled desires and crippling disappointment. Here’s what I mean.

Many Christians believe they are the focal point of God’s loving obsession and that he fixates on them 24/7. Certainly there are Bible verses that foster this perspective but it probably needs to be counter-balanced with the realization that—to adapt the title of a recent bestseller—God’s Just Not That Into You.

What if God is more like a stage mom than a Jedi mentor? Read more . . .

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